Tony Brown {Dj Trixx}

If deciding at the age of ten what career path you would like to follow when you grow up and sticking to it doesn't define determination, then maybe convincing your parents to purchase your very own turntables at the age of thirteen does.

Tony Brown Started buying records at age 13, when his friends were using their allowances to buy clothes and sneakers, he would invest his in music.

He started as dj Digital force and by the time he entered high school he teamed up with a group called Black Sniper International and they played at basements and backyard parties.

But Tony got bored he really wanted to play in clubs. So he approached Massive Tony Soul sound system. Equipped with a mixed tape and an introduction letter he met with Tony. Tony Soul loved his ambition and at age 16 he became one of Tony soul's house disc Jockeys.

But once again, Tony got bored and along with two partners created a sound called Hell's Kitchen Crew. Tony Soul kept promoting and supporting them on his events and pretty soon other promoters started hiring the group.

Soon high school days were over and his partners and him parted days as they prepared to go to college. In 1997 Tony Brown although in college kept the name Hells Kitchen until 2003 where he had a very critical automobile accident that put his life in a different perspective, he changed his name to DJ Trixx and he started all over again.

He teamed up with a friend, Reemo, Dj Excel and Mad Scorpion all of them have one thing in common all being professional disc jockeys having the same vision of doing business professionally and together they started Spinnaz Inc. and soon after launched there website was designed as a vehicle to market themselves to the rest of the world

Spinnazinc is now comprised of DJ. Trixx and Mad Scorpion and they can be heard weekly on Flava Radio . (An internet based) radio company that streams Caribbean music 7 days a week, every Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm- 12am.

DJ. Trixx has entertained audiences in Atlanta, Boston, California, Miami, Trinidad and Tobago and Washington. He goal is to make spinnazinc a household name synonymous with great music. His future plans includes having his own radio program in New York city dedicated to Caribbean music, some of his other aspirations include music production, he hopes to someday own his own studio and learn to professionally create the music he mixes so well.

Tony Brown has had quite a few tricks up his sleeve, in the past decade and what he has accomplished so far is just proof that with determination we can achieve anything.