Birthday: 03/17/83
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Soca Aerobics: An exercise that is filled with pace, and plenty action, one has to be energetic with a genuine love for soca music to participate and Val is the official instructor.

Varlene Toby started singing at age 9 with the San Fernando Girl's Anglican School Choir and by the time she moved to United States in 1997 she was ready to pursue music seriously. Val joined a girl R&B group that 3 of her high school friends started, they performed at talent shows, church functions, VH1 Hard Rock Café and they went as far as the Rosie O'Donnell Show, where they backed up Meredith Brooks and Queen Latifah.

After graduating in 2000 the group separated, but Val still loved the spotlight and by the end of the year she met with Kendall and Kerwin Alexander of the Cloud IX band, whom offered her a position as lead female vocalist. Although she had no band experience she bravely took on the challenge. She spent a couple months with Cloud IX and in 2001 she was introduced to the members of The Request band and she started performing with them, she toured the United States with them but her studies started clashing so she left the band to give her full attention to school.

By January 2003 the owners of Liquid Band offered her a position in their band, Val loving the stage so much agreed to perform with them when her studies permitted. Having performed with all those bands Val Stage performance had progressed she had finally graduated college and in November 2003 Val returned to Cloud IX. She then started to record her own music. Her first song entitled Backshots was written and produced by Derwin “Slick D” Vallie, this track was very popular in New York especially when Val does demonstrations as part of her stage repertoire.

Val newest release for 2006 Girls night, written by Delia Carty is featured on Da Ma$tamind Project